Osaka-based C.P.A. and tax accountant with rich experience in nursing care start-ups and international tax affairs.
Located in Osaka, Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office provides for accounting and tax matters, as well as consulting services for entrepreneurs.


Chief executive

Chief executive Kenji Hirano
I’m Kenji Hirano, the chief executive of Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office.

I joined in a major audit company immediately after a C.P.A. secondary test pass in 2002, in the graduate school age and it was the start onto which business experience as a bill person is loaded.
I was engaged in audit, management consulting, M&A consultation and related work by an audit company and grew the valuable technical knowledge and experience only a C.P.A. can get.

After that I was going to work by a major Zeirishi-Hojin in 2007.
Certified Tax Accountant examination is also passed in college days, and I was studying that in a graduate school, I work to gave priority to C.P.A.’s qualification, so it took a short while to take back feeling of taxation work.
It was possible to gain experience in this Zeirishi-Hojin with know-how and knowledge of work which is that I did the works related to tax return works, international tax consultation and due dilligence, etc.

I’d like to utilize my technical knowledge and ability based on these experience, and practiced as Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Acountant Office at Nishinari-ku independently in 2009.

Our office would like to participate with everybody as the office where doing business is supported widely aiming at the “C.P.A. and Tax accountant office strong in accounting, management and laws” which can utilize the former experience, not the just tax accountant office which takes only tax matter processing enough.

Our office is still a small-scale office, but I’d like to grow with everybody of clients.
Please take care of everybody’s cooperation.



Policy of Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office

The concept of our office is that “we work as the managers of accounting develpment, human resources development, administration development, corporate planning development in your companies ourselves”. Based on this consept, we will support you flexibly.

I had been engaged in auditing services and accounting services at an audit company since 2002, and tax return services and tax advisory services at Zeirishi-Hojin since 2007. But at each company we provided only their limited services within the scope of each business. So we provide our service without constraints between accounting services and tax compliance services and establish a system to provide both accounting services and tax compliance services.

We support your business based on our know-how and experience in the past.

Tax consulting of Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office

Since a licensed tax accountant trade is restrictive in a performed scope of work, I have the thought that the work which has enough value can’t be done. I’ll even go back to your accounting procedure and fact of dealings, not the conventional licensed tax accountant trade which just do your tax calculation of, and I consider whether there isn’t a tax avoidance chance or a business chance.
I’ll offer consultation service beyond a service of a licensed tax accountant trade with the knowledge and the know-how grown by audit companies and a Zeirishi-Hojin. Kinds of service in our office is as I indicate on “Services”, but I’ll also respond to the demand for everyone about service besides them and offer it.

Besides, consulting of Hirano C.P.A. and Tax Accountant Office

It’s being supported in the fields of accounting and tax with the sufficiently consideration for the interested parties who surround everyone and is being supported to an enterprise and a private business person in the field of business management. When everybody who is an enterpriser executes business activity, I think that will be a business chance when a relation with interested parties is smooth, but I’m thinking it’ll be an obstacle of a business or a negative effect when that isn’t smooth. A relation between everybody and the interested parties becomes important on the business execution.
In the business environment which changes quickly, the relation to the stockholder, the proprietor, the employee, the client, the supplier, the financial institution, the local resident and the government offices(like tax authority) and the other interested parties who relate to business activity also change, so I’m always conscious of these person’s existence and I’d like to help you with execution of the accountability which should be achieved (report responsibility which affects business activity).

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